Liste unserer Tänze


  Name Choreographie Musik Anmerkung
1 @ The Hop  Carmel Hutchinson  Danny & The Juniors “At The Hop”  
2 16 Step  Unbekannt  Rednex „Cotton Eye Joe“ im Kreis, auch mit Partner 
3 2 Hell And Back  Rob Fowler & Kate Sala  Rodney Atkins “If Your´re Going To Hell”  
4 A Drink In My Hand  Sandy Goodman  Eric Church “Drink In My Hand”  
5 A Womans Love  Betty Moses  Alan Jackson “A Woman´s Love”  
6 After Five Stomp Diane Horner The Tractors “Baby Likes To Rock It”
Alan Jackson "Living On Love"
7 After Midnight  Judy McDonald  Groove Grass Boyz “Walkin´ After Midnight”  
8 All You Need  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Brad Paisley “All You Really Need Is Love”  
9 Angel in Blue Jeans  Christa Wilke  Train “Angel in Blue Jeans”  
10 Angel Of The Night  Lorna Mursell  Derek Rya “Angel Of The Night”  
11 Another Song  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  Jacob Lyda “Another Song I Had To Write”  
12 Baby Ride Easy  Dynamite Dot Davies  Carlene Carter & Dave Edmunds “Baby Ride Easy”  
13 Baby Sister  Jacqui Jax & Alan Birchall  Train,“Hey Soul Sister”  
14 Bandido´s Last Ride  Gaye Teather  Dave Sheriff “Bandido´s Last Ride”  
15 Beautiful Day  Gaye Teather  Dave Sheriff “A Beautiful Day”  
16 BGC – Blue Gold Casino Werner Hotz  Ernie Oldfield “Pay Me The Way”
Celine Dion “I´m Alive”
17 Big Girls Boogie  Mavis Broom  Mika “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”  
18 Billie (Swingin´) Unbekannt  John Anderson “Swingin´”  
19 Billy´s Dance (San Francisco) Pierre Mercier  Olsen Brothers “San Francisco”  
20 Black Coffee  Helen O´Malley  Lacy J. Dalton “Black Coffee”  
21 Blue Night Cha  Kim Ray  Michael Learns To Rock “Blue Night”  
22 Blueberry Chill  Gaye Teather  Mike Kelly “Blueberry Hill”  
23 Blurred Lines (East Coast Version) Keith Turner, Joy & Michelle  Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”   
24 Bop The B  Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers  Billy Swan “Bop To Be”  
25 Broken Stones  Dee Musk  Paul Weller “Broken Stones”  
26 Bus Stop  Unbekannt  Smokin Armadillos “Thump Factor”
David Ball „No More Lonely“ 
youtube: Oldies but Goldies 
27 Calm After The Storm  Brian Jonassen  The Common Linnets “Calm After The Storm/Fast Lane”  
28 Canadian Stomp  Unbekannt  Shania Twain “Any Man Of Mine”  
29 Chattahoochee  Unbekannt  Alan Jackson “Chattahoochee”  
30 Chica Boom Boom  Vikki Morris  Alex Swings Oscar Sings “Boom Boom Goes My Heart”  
31 Closer  Mary Kelly  Susan Ashton “Closer”  
32 Coastin´  Tina & Ray Yeoman  Ronan Hardiman “Lord Of The Dance”  
33 Come Dance With Me  Jo Thompson  Nancy Hays “Come Dance With Me”  
34 Cotton Eyed Joe  C.W. Parker  Rednex „Cotton Eyed Joe“  
35 Country 2 Step  Masters In line  Jerry Kilgore “I Just Want My Baby Back”  
36 Country As Can Be  Suzanne Wison  Brady Seals “Country As A Boy Can Be”  
37 Cowboy Charleston  Unbekannt  Ronnie McDowell “Yippi Ti Yi Yo”  
38 Cruisin´  Neil Hale  Scooter Lee “Shadows in The Night”  
39 Cry, Cry, Cry  Francien Sittrop  Precious Wilson & Eruption “Cry to Me”  
40 Cucaracha  Hank & Mary Dahl  The Mavericks “All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down”  
41 Dizzy  Jo Thompson Szymanski  Scooter Lee “Dizzy”  
42 Doctor Doctor  Masters in Line  Robert Palme, “Bad Case Of Loving You”  
43 Doing Our Thing  Sandi Larkins  Blake Shelton “That Thing We Do”  
44 Don´t You Wish  Daisy Simons  John Fogerty “Don´t You Wish It Was True”  
45 Down on the Corner  Peter Metelnick  The Mavericks “Down On The Corner”  
46 Dream On  Rob Fowler  John Michael Montgomery “Dream On Texas Ladies”  
47 Drunken Cowboy/Copperhead Road  Unbekannt  Steve Earl “Copperhead Road”  
48 Electric Slide  Unbekannt  Marcia Griffiths “Electric Boogie”  
49 Enchantment  Jo Thompson Sczymanski  Michael Martin Murphey “Land Of Enchantment”
Stevie Wonder “I Just Call To Say I Love You”
50 Flobie Slide  Flo Cook  Toby Keith “A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action”  
51 Galway Girls  Chris Hodgson  Sharon Shannon & Steve Earl “Galway Girl”  
52 God Blessed Texas  Shirley K. Batson  Little Texas “God Blessed Texas”  
53 Going Back West  Werner Hotz  Boney M “Going Back West”  
54 Good Day To Run  Benny Ray  Darryl Worley “A Good Day To Run”  
55 Grundy Gallop  Jenny Rockett  John Michael Montgomery “Sold”  
56 Heaven In My Woman´s Eyes  Daniel Trepat  Tracy Byrd “Heaven…”  
57 Hey Girl Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Mo Pitney "Come Do A Little Life"  
58 Home To Louisiana  Gilles Labrecque  Anne Tyler “Home To Louisiana”  
59 I Love A Rainy Night  M. Mooney  Eddie Rabbitt “I Love a Rainy Night”  
60 Ice Breaker  Mary Kelly  E- Type “Hold Your Horses”
Ruby Lovette “He´s Your Problem Now”
61 Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot  Sham Rock “Irish Stew”  
62 Island Cha Cha  Vicki E. Rader  Eddy Raven “Island”  
63 Islands In The Stream  Karen Jones  Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton “Islands In The Stream”  
64 It´s Easy  Geoff Lanford  Tracy Byrd “You Lied To Me”  
65 Just A Little Love  Maggie Gallagher  Derek Ryan, “Just A Little Love”   
66 Just Want To Dance  Charlotte Williams  George Strait “I Just Want To Dance With You”  
67 Last Christmas  Tina Hollen  Wham “Last Christmas”  
68 Little Kiss Me Honey  Kitty van der Westen  The Deans “Kiss Me Honey Honey”  
69 Little Rumba  Donna Laurin  Bellamy Brothers “Like She´s Not Yours”  
70 Little Wagon Wheel  Gaye Teather  Nathan Carter “Wagon Wheel”  
71 Loving You (Makes Me A Better Man) Willem & Anthoneta Snell  Hal Ketchum “Loving You…”  
72 Mini Mariana  Jan Welsh  Chayanne “Mariana Mambo”  
73 Must Be  Nancy A. Morgan  Alan Jackson “It Must Be Love”  
74 My New Life  John Offermans  The Lennerockers “High Class Lady”  
75 One Step Forward And Two Steps Back  Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia  Desert Rose Band “One Step Forward”  
76 Operator Cha Cha  Darren Bailey  Eddy Raven “Operator Operator”  
77 Original Four Corner  Unbekannt  Arizona/Dave Russell “Ghostriders in The Sky”  
78 Pizziricco  Dynamite Dot  Mavericks “Pizziricco”  
79 Playa Silencio  John & Janette Sandham  Dave Sheriff “Playa Silencio”  
80 Pontoon  Gail Smith  Little Big Town “Pontoon”  
81 Quarter After One  Levi J. Hubbard  Lady Antebellum “Need You Now”  
82 Radio Romp  Elisa “Lasso” Portelli  The Woodpackers “On My Radio”  
83 Ready To Roll  Dee Musk  Blake Shelton “Ready To Roll”  
84 Red Hot Salsa  Christina Browne  Dave Sheriff “Red Hot Salsa”  
85 Reggae Cowboy  Unbekannt  Bellamy Brothers “Get Into Reggae Cowboy”  
86 Rio  Diana Lowery  Mestizzo “Patricia”
Al Bano & Romina Power “Sempre Sempre”
87 S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) Ira Weisburd  Preston Shannon “Honky Tonk”  
88 Seminole Wind  Iconnu  John Anderson “Seminole Wind”  
89 Sex On The Beach (S.O.T.B.) Tom Clarke  T Spoon “Sex On The Beach”  
90 Shout Shout  Yvonne Zielonka  Rocky Sharpe & The Replays “Shout Shout”  
91 Sky Loves Blue  Audrey Watson  Bellamy Brothers “I Love You”  
92 Smarter Women  Louise Elfvengreen  Dr Victor & His Rasta Rebels “Man Smart, Woman Smarter”  
93 Some Beach  Helen Born & Nita Lindley  Blake Shelton “Some Beach”  
94 Something In The Water  Niels Poulsen  Brook Fraser “Something in the Water”  
95 South Side Shuffle/Fishing In The Dark  Unknown  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band “Fishing…”  
96 Southern Delight  Rossella Corsi - Lord & Fred Lord El Simbolo “Levantando Las Manos”  
97 Starter Step  Unbekannt  Steve Earle “Guitar Town”  
98 Stealing The Best  Rosie Multari  Ronan Hardiman “Dance Above The Rainbow”  
99 Stroll Along Cha  Rodeo Cowboys  Michael Martin Murphey “I´m Gonna Miss You Girl”  
100 Sweet Home Alabama  Unbekannt  Kid Rock “All Night Long” youtube: Oldies but Goldies  
101 Sweet Liza  L D Ducker  Paul Bailey “Sweet Little Liza”  
102 Sweet Maureen  Rafael Corbi  Jambayala “Sweet Maureen”  
103 Sweet Sweet Smile  Johnny Two Step & Fi Scott  The Carpenters “Sweet Sweet Smile”  
104 Take U Home  Junior Willis  Gloriana “Wanna Take You Home”  
105 Telepathy  Chris Hodgson  Toby Keith “You Can´t Read My Mind”  
106 Tennessee Waltz  Andy Chumbley  Ireen Sheer “Tennessee Waltz”  
107 Tequila Sunrise  Kerstin und Peter Lienert  Pinchitos Caliente “Tequila Sunrise”  
108 Texas Stomp  Ruth Elias  Ronnie McDowell “Dancin´ Shoes” u.a.  
109 Thanks A Lot  Georges Fournier  Robert Mizzell “Thanks A Lot”  
110 This and That (Woman) Gary Lafferty  Mark Chesnut “Woman”  
111 Tush Push  Jim Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel  Carlene Carter “Every Little Thing”  
112 Under The Sun  Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu  Tim Tim “Under the Sun”  
113 Unlove Me  Vivian Bradley  Julie Roberts “Unlove Me”  
114 Vertical Expression  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Bellamy Brothers “Vertical Expression”  
115 Vertical Expression  Vera Fisher & Teresa Lawrence  Bellamy Brothers “Vertical Expression”
Elton John “Sad Song”
116 Walk The Line  Sandi Larkin  Bellamy Brothers “I Need More of You”  
117 Walking Backwards  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Brandon Sandefur “Walking Backwards”  
118 Waltz Across Texas  Lois & John Nielson The Dean Brothers "Waltz Across Texas"  
119 Wanderer  June Wilson  Eddie Rabbitt “The Wanderer”  
120 Watermelon Crawl  Sue Lipscomb  Tracy Bird “Watermelon Crawl”  
121 Wave On Wave  Alan G. Birchall  Pat Green “Wave On Wave”  
122 Western Barn Dance  Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley  George Strait “Adalida”  
123 Whole Again  Sue Johnstone  Atomic Kitten “Whole Again”  
124 You´re so Naughty  Brian Holland  Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan “He Drinks Tequila”  

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